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Cordless Phone Advantages
Category:Industry News   Publish:2016-06-13 10:18:32   View:924 次 [Back]
On the development of digital cordless telephone, Ministry of Information Industry as early as two years ago had been a rainy day, he issued a 2.4G digital cordless standard to regulate the digital cordless phone technology market. Band release for the launch of digital cordless telephone, clearing the way. But at the time, more digital cordless technology as a concept, is not familiar with the public. The digital cordless technology in the end what advantage?
Digital cordless telephone with six major advantages: high-definition voice quality, security interference, greater call range, low power consumption power lasting, scalable intercom, health and environmental protection low radiation. Compared with the use of 45 trillion to 48 trillion analog cordless phones, 2.4G digital cordless telephone has obvious advantages in distance calls, sound quality, interference, confidentiality, etc., which is precisely the most direct cause of the digital upgrade of analog cordless . The specific advantage of performance for clearer sound quality than analog cordless phones; and, thanks to the spread of digital technology, calls can be very far distance. The use of digital cordless phones in the open and no radio interference spacious surroundings, 300 meters away from the parent function. At the same time, the first
Streamlined cordless phone
Advanced digital technology has good secrecy and immunity, that is to say before the "ordinary FM radio can eavesdrop on cordless phone conversations" phenomenon no longer exists.
Although the digital cordless technology has unparalleled advantages, but because of the early digital cordless phone prices high, beyond the affordability of most domestic household, when pre-promotion, its users in China is only a small part of the high-end users. Although Siemens had been to promote digital cordless concepts, but by the impact of the industrial scale, digital cordless price has remained at a high level, many consumers for digital cordless full of expectations, but not because of price limits to buy the products.
Now China's economy continues to improve, the housing market continues to heat up, the Chinese people's living has been a qualitative improvement. Therefore, the traditional analog cordless technology can not meet the good quality of family communication needs.
Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. officially released in China its latest digital cordless phone C42. It soon as he appeared to cost $ 500 to become the focus of the market. Prior to the domestic digital cordless phones generally cost between 700-1600 yuan, C42 debut digital cordless market will break the ice, the horn sounded Chinese digital cordless telephone into the era of universal.
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