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How to Make the intercom?
Category:Industry News   Publish:2016-06-13 10:19:02   View:903 次 [Back]


Walkie-talkie in the past is a mystery and some communication tools, the general public are generally aware of its amazing features from the film, you can instant wireless voice and not subject to geographical restrictions, especially in the gangster film or war films, police or military siege of bandits strategic command when the moment without walkie-talkie safe and efficient dispatching the instruction to convey, even uninhabited desert mountains, also can talk freely! And now talking about radio, we are very familiar, especially in the construction, transportation, hotel or super port, mining engineering, sports and other industries, to carry out their daily work, almost inseparable from the use of walkie-talkie! But what is the walkie-talkie, "Make", just few people know!

Factors a walkie-talkie communication quality is good or bad, the standard of judgment, nothing more than the sound quality, battery life and communication distance. The signal is good, clear sound, long battery life, long distance calls, often several elements the majority of users are most concerned about, which is directly related communication experience! So, walkie-talkie in the production process what about research and development, raw materials, components and other aspects of what is required in order to ensure excellent excellent communication quality of each product? !

In the body protection, intercom ultra-high whole body protection, seismic resilience over 1.5 meters! Actual communication tests showed that after weighing up to 1.8 tons of car rolling, body shell remains intact, the indicators are normal communication ...... this superb performance, the entire Chinese domestic handset market is also very rare, and some even test indicators exceed the international brand walkie-talkie!
Die-casting is another important component of the walkie-talkie, the material can be divided from aluminum die-casting and ordinary. This means not only having a rapid cooling effect, but also has a special interference shielding function, although not high-tech components, but its application or not wireless communication walkie-talkie has great impact! Some manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, poor quality applications at the casting, die-casting or simply do not have the price advantage! Although such a cheap walkie-talkie, but in actual use, it will cause a lot of communication barriers, such as hot body, communication is disturbed and so on! Application of the walkie-talkie market best aluminum die-casting, not only a good cooling effect, interference shielding is also very outstanding, high-strength test via communication jobs, not only the body is not hot, is also fully shielded communication jamming, communication effect is very satisfied!
Dust and water is one of the walkie-talkie is very important test index, the higher the level of industry, the more they can adapt to harsh climatic or communication environment. Talkie IP67 dustproof and waterproof industrial grade, to achieve the dust completely isolated, and at a depth of 1 meter soaked more than 30 minutes, still able to talk freely, to fully meet a variety of wind, frost, rain, snow or dust, haze, etc. talkie poor communication environment's needs!

In addition, the walkie-talkie on the important parts of the speaker, vocoder, keypad, battery, etc., continue to apply industry-leading accessories such as North Peak radio speakers, 2W audio power load, 72 hours continuous call test; 3W audio power load 24-hour call test sound quality without any change, still crisp and clear. Such high-strength test, an ordinary walkie-talkie unimaginable. While the sound quality is also excellent thanks to the industry's top application decoding vocoder, but without a good speaker, no matter how good the decoder is difficult to play their superior efficacy!
Walkie-talkie function keys, especially the PTT button, plays an important role in wireless communications job! If you do not control the PTT button, intercom basically lost calls (unless you have just walkie-talkie headset also supports voice and calling features), it can not become a true sense of the walkie-talkie! Because PTT used very frequently in communication with the wireless walkie-talkie, so the market is also one of the components of ordinary walkie-talkie most prone to failure! Due to the manufacturing process and cost constraints, ordinary walkie-talkie on the test equipment is relatively weak, but more testing standards is uneven, the quality can be imagined, and some machines even less than a month fault ...... talkie PTT core function keys will appear after up to 30 million times the rigorous testing is over 500 times a day high frequency emissions, also use more than 600 days is enough to ensure the stability of each instruction sent a message!
In the battery, the application of ultra-high quality battery cells, with intelligent protection board, the actual test showed up after 500 cycles charge cycles, maintaining 80% of the battery power to protect the communication time! In other words, even if we carry out a charge and discharge cycle per day, can be used normally over 18 months ...... and after such frequent charge-discharge cycles, but also the loss of only 20% of the battery capacity, the next use the battery can keep 80% of the electricity. This is for those of poor quality renovation of the old walkie-talkie batteries, is simply a nightmare ......

China's walkie-talkie after 36 years of rapid growth, the birth of many brands walkie-talkie. With the entire industry's rapid integration with the intercom commercial civilian market popularity, the majority of user communication needs of the walkie-talkie to further improve, especially the rapid development of modern networking technology and intelligent wearable intelligent technology for the development of traditional intercom opens up a new field it is also on a variety of performance walkie-talkie, higher demands! How in the contemporary technical background, combined with the global transition from analog to digital intercom industry the opportunity to further develop the core wisdom science and technology, improve product quality, it has become the era of challenges facing the majority of businesses walkie-talkie!

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